The Importance Of School Uniforms

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School Uniforms School uniforms provide good self esteem,safety,and school pride. School uniforms are a great way to have children’s self esteem soaring. Not only does their academic performance advance, but also how they feel about themselves. Self esteem, which is really important in adolescence years because it can build a childs school foundationnot only that but the futures too. For example,they learn to have structure and in doing that it helps them with their own sense of fashion by learning to mix and match their wardrobe with their school clothes. It also provides a sense of safety while at school. In 2017, safety is a big concern for both the students and the parents. For one it would be really noticeable if an intruder were present. Knowing that, the students would be able to get to safety. It also has a huge affect on students having school pride. It helps teach students to have pride for their school. And learn to love the idea of school uniforms which is such a great technique to better their school and education.Wearing a school uniform encourages good self esteem, school safety, and school pride. First, school uniforms help young children build good self esteem. School uniforms benefit children,not just physically but emotionally as well. In an article, Margaret Zoller Booth and Jean M. Gerard reports the effects self esteem has on academic progress.While doing this experiment, the kids had to wear school uniforms. Both authors clearly

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