The Importance Of School Uniforms In High School Schools

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Nandini Pasagadugula Period- 7 WE SHOULD HAVE SCHOOL UNIFORMS I was 7 years old when I first started wearing a uniforms at my school in Meridian , India. My morning routine was quite simple. It started off with me putting on my navy blue skirt , white button down blouse and a dark blue tie. I’d run I ran down the stairs to put on my jet black shoes with white socks as my mom braided my hair. Then we'd have a leisurely breakfast where she'd make me my favorite chocolate chips pancakes and I would head to school. At school,I would to see my friends and classmates wearing the exact same white button down shirt paired with a navy blue skirt and a navy blue tie , and black shoes; We all looked the same. Nobody made fun of each other, we didn’t compare ourselves and no one picked on someone else because of their appearance. I didn't care what I was wearing or how I looked as all my friends would also be wearing the same clothes as I did. Now, 5 years later, I live in Glastonbury and go to Glastonbury High School. On, my first day of school I saw different styles of clothing and most of the students were wearing expensive brands like a shirt from Ralph Lauren that cost almost $85, a belt from Gucci that was almost $450 and many other expensive pieces of clothing. This scared me a little. I started to question ,“ Are my clothes good enough?” As a result I spend half of my time trying to decide what to wear since I care more about how I look and how I present myself
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