The Importance Of School Uniforms In Public Schools

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Dressing for success has always been an accepted concept. When you look the part, you feel better about yourself. When you feel good about yourself, you perform better. School uniforms are a perfect example of this illustration. When students wear uniforms, it makes school a better experience. This is because learning is made easier, safer and more fun. Many public schools have adopted uniforms for their dress code policy. Most private schools already require them. While there are many obvious benefits to schools enforcing the use of uniforms, some people may fear that making them mandatory will limit student’s self-expression and individuality. I would argue that while at school, the focus should always be first put on the task at hand, which is learning. Although not everyone agrees with policies that require school uniforms, the positive results far outweigh any negative outcomes. School uniform policies should be enforced throughout public schools because they improve academic achievement, increase safety measures and promote a sense of togetherness amongst students.

First, a dress code policy should be in place because it helps to improve the rates of academic achievement. School can be hard and stressful enough for students without fashion being a concern. When students are dressed in uniform, all distractions concerning what other students are wearing is eliminated. It is one less thing to focus on, and that extra time can then be directed on classroom instruction. Learning is made easier in these environments, and studies have been shown to prove this claim. In the Long Beach school district in California, school uniforms have been mandatory since the mid – 1990s. Officials from the school have shown reports that since adopting the uniform policy, there has been an increase in scholastic achievement (Wilson, 1998). Students spend less time getting ready in the mornings when all they must think about is putting on a school uniform. This is because students who do not wear uniforms, usually spend much more time deciding on outfits and accessorizing them. Cutting down on the time needed to dress makes it easier for students to avoid truancy and possibly absences. This helps to make
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