The Importance Of School Uniforms In Schools

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Approximately 23% of all private and public schools around America have a uniform policy. The idea of bringing uniforms to schools is an issue that has been discussed and argued about for many years. There are very few students who believe that uniforms should be required, and other students just dislike the colors that come with them. Although uniforms have been known to make students look decent, there are many negative side effects that come with them. Some people think that a student wearing a uniform looks well and respectable, but many americans around the world strongly disagree with this statement. However, the popular opinion is clear. American say schools should not implement or enforce school uniforms because, they violate the…show more content…
In the article, “Do Uniforms Make School Better?”, Mariah Wilde reveals, “ In June of 2007, the United States Supreme Court upheld a lower court's decision affirming a Vermont students right to wear a t-shirt depicting President Bush surrounded by drug and alcohol images. The school had suspended the student . . . The courts however disagreed with the school. . . . They were protected as free political expression” (Wilde). Wilde explains how a student was suspended a t-shirt that was worn that had drugs and alcohol on it, but the courts ruled favor of the student. The supreme court protected the student and said that it was their right to have a political expression. Even though some people like the school in this case disagree with a students opinion does not give them the right to suspend the student. If everyone is entitled to the first Amendment, why are students not? Students are still human beings and they are still allowed to have their freedom of speech and their own opinions. Schools teach us to express ourselves and be our own person, but implementing uniforms takes that right away. To illustrate another reason why uniforms should not be implemented in schools is because everyone thinks that uniforms only bring good and no bad, but sadly they are wrong. Uniforms do bring some good, but mainly people are starting to see that uniforms are not getting the right results. Debra Viadero concludes in the article, “Uniform Effects”, “David

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