The Importance Of School Uniforms In Schools

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Rows of students wear the same dull white button-down, dressed with khaki pants and shiny black shoes. Should schools enforce uniforms on students? Many researchers find that the unity of student’s clothes is beneficial towards attendance and discipline; however, uniforms serve as a barrier for creative expressions. Because of these reasons, schools should not have their students wear school uniforms because they are costly, hinders personality, and does not get students prepared for major changes as adults. Having freedom to choose what students wear is an opportunity to show their personal style, creativity, and individuality. In addition to them not being able to reflect an individual’s uniqueness, it also becomes an unfair additional expense to many who pay taxes to have a free public education. Also, uniforms discourage the idea of choice, which acts as a major part of adult life. Many schools have dress code rules, which maintains an appropriate environment for freedom of self-expression, without having to hinder on making personal choices and individuality. Schools should consider taking out uniforms at schools to create a diverse environment. First and foremost, uniforms are made to increase revenue and earn money for manufacturing companies, acting as a financial burden for most people. According to, a website influencing writers and creative online content, “1 billion dollars are used to buy uniforms annually” in the U.S. The author of the article then continues to write that schools “are selling their uniforms not because the students need it, but because they can earn lots from it.” It is not surprising that many schools have uniforms, the rate increasing about ten percent in the last decade. To add to the amount of money being paid for uniforms a year, the author reminds readers that students are continually growing, spending $250 or more every time they outgrow their uniform or they make it dirty with an unwashable stain. In addition, there are never really sales for uniforms, so the cost of them still stand very high. Although many people believe that purchasing school uniforms are cheaper than buying regular, casual clothes, researchers have found that to be false. They have found

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