The Importance Of School Uniforms

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The Importance of School Uniforms As school officials consider adopting uniform policies, they will often question if the implementation of a school uniform will be genuinely beneficial to their students. Arguments can be made for both the potential perks and drawbacks. However, the advantages greatly offset the disadvantages. Although there are some arguable drawbacks to school uniforms, they should be worn for safety, educational, time, and economic reasons. Some may argue that school uniforms constrain a student’s freedom of expression and individuality through fashion. However, uniforms do not teach conformity. They teach respect and discipline. Also, with the emphasis taken off of clothing, students can focus more on expressing themselves through their personalities, intelligence, art, music, and athletics. Opponents also argue that uniforms are an added expense to the climbing school-related costs. Although uniforms are an additional expense, I believe that they ultimately save families money, and who doesn’t like saving money? Without the implementation of a school uniform, children will want to be equally as trendy as their classmates. To compete, students will want the latest Nike sneakers or Michael Kors handbag, and these pieces can become very costly. Furthermore, no one likes to repeat outfits too frequently, so families would have to buy a sizeable amount of clothes as opposed to buying just one uncomplicated uniform to be washed and worn again. For these reasons, a uniform policy saves students and their families money. In addition to saving money, uniforms also save time. Uniforms save time before school by making it easier for students to get ready. Students with a uniform do not have to worry about selecting an outfit that is chic, matches, and fits just right in all the right places. Students can simply put on their uniform without a second thought. This permits for additional time to do other things prior to the start of the school day such as, eating a balanced breakfast, packing a lunch, or cramming in some last-minute homework or studying. It also allows for children to get out the door quickly in the morning, reducing the likelihood of being late for school. Being on time for school

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