The Importance Of School Uniforms

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From blue collared polos and khakis to business casual, I have experienced both school uniforms and school dress codes for the last eight years of my life. Doing four years of each, I have rebelled while also trying to understand the purpose of them. Now a high school graduate no longer having a uniform nor dress code I have been able to look back at my experiences and formulate an opinion on whether or not I believe these approaches to moderate students’ dress in a school environment are appropriate and/or necessary, and I have come to the conclusion that I believe that uniforms are too restrictive, but if done right dress codes allow personal growth and individuality for students while maintaining a specific look for the school. I was first introduced to a school uniform in fifth grade where my next four years would be spent in blue polos and khaki pants. At first this was appealing to my parents, because it eliminated the struggle of school shopping and figuring out what I was going to be wearing every day. However, over the course of four years we started to pick up on the flaws of a uniform: concrete price, adaptability, and lack of self-expression. “Although wearing a school uniform [was] less expensive than buying a whole wardrobe of outfits, uniform [could] still be pricey.” There was no getting around the cost of the specific polo I had to wear whether or not it was on the more expensive end. It was pricey, but required. We also learned that uniforms which don’t

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