The Importance Of School Uniforms

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Following a school dress code can cause an uncomfortable feeling , can be difficult for families and can decrease individual confidence. Would you like to wear a uniform that your school picked out for you every day and never get to be yourself? Uniforms in education should not be required in the United States unless they want to wear them. Barbara Cruz it might be a solution to help reduce bullying in and out of school (18). Uniforms don’t help students perform better in the classroom, and they don’t increase intelligence. First off, One of the most common proposals put forth for reform of the American system of education is to require school uniforms. School uniforms can cause an uncomfortable feeling which could bother you and…show more content…
Kids wanting to express themselves in their clothing may try to wear things that really are not appropriate for their age if they are told what they have to wear every single day. Having a specific dress code doesn’t mean that bullying still won’t occur in and out of the classroom. Students will know if the other kids family has a low income, that they don’t have a strong support system, or even extra cash to go out and buy new clothes for school. According to Al Valdez, be mean to each other will still occur weather or not the wear the same clothes or not (54). Wearing the same clothing as your peers might reduce getting bullied but it isn’t just ll going to stop. Having uniforms could even create more drama than wearing your own clothes is what Marian Wilde thought. Kids having to go shop for clothes that meet the requirements is harder than going shopping for clothes that you like and are you style. Students are going to get bullied by each other no matter what it’s just what kids do and how they build up their own self confidence. Proponents argue that students will pay more attention to their classwork if they aren’t preoccupied with fashion, and that they’ll be better behaved. Meanwhile, they will most likely pay more attention to their uniforms and other classmates instead of paying attention to their own school work. School dress codes could cause tension between parents
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