The Importance Of Science And Technology

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In the brave new world that we exist in today, science, above everything, is revolutionizing the shape of our world with paramount magnitude. From medicine, to entertainment, to transport, science and technology has migrated humanity from a world of entropic disorder to a facilitated existence of order and civilization. However, in our crusade to evolve into the most scientifically sophisticated race in the universe, we are beginning to lose grasp with the essential attributes that have allowed us to survive and flourish over millennia. Consequently, the “muzzling” of science is mandatory as it directly stultifies human individuality, patronizes human relationships, and can mentally weaken the human body.
As we hungrily chase for new scientific discoveries, our subsequent appreciation and prioritization of human individuality has been critically disarmed. Among the leading frontiers where scientific progress is crippling our sense of self-distinctiveness are in the realms of online and digital platforms. Though “online worlds can provide valuable spaces for identity play” people who “gain fluency” in such expressionism find themselves struggling “to develop authentic selves” (Turckle 883). Evidently, with today’s opulence of social networking and other telecommunicating devices, it is easy for humans to be tempted or even engrossed with such technology. Nevertheless, such social power has formidable consequences. Growing accustomed to a world of sharing our lives with
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