The Importance Of Science Education

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The science taught during the fourth grade is the foundation for the remaining years of one’s science education. There are four major science areas that are taught throughout the fourth grade in California. The areas focused on include, investigation and experimentation, life, earth and physical science. The goal of the science curriculum our country has been establishing for almost a decade in the elementary and middle schools is described in an article from the National Academic Press, “The eventual goal of science education is to produce individuals capable of understanding and evaluating information that is, or purports to be, scientific in nature and of making decisions that incorporate that information appropriately, and, furthermore, to produce a sufficient number and diversity of skilled and motivated future scientists, engineers, and other science-based professionals”("Taking Science to School:”, 2007). Specifically the fourth grade science curriculum gives the students many opportunities for using critical thinking skills through the performance of science experiments, participation in science fairs, doing research and finally by analyzing and applying their knowledge. The study of physical science gives the students opportunities to think critically. This division of studies has many experiments, research and applications to participate in. The purpose of the physical science curriculum is to teach students the sciences focused on the study of inanimate natural
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