The Importance Of Science In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Frankenstein in Modern Society
The novel, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley focuses on the main idea that humankind needs to be held responsible when science is used irresponsibly. Mary Shelley presents this theme through her character Victor and the actions that he takes. Victor is responsible for going too far with science and creating life which results in devastating outcomes. Through the character Victor, Shelley shows her readers that disrupting nature can result in unforeseen circumstances. In today’s society, science is being used irresponsibly and has pushed boundaries, which has resulted in cloning, loss of lives, and isolation. Shelley’s novel relates the message that humankind should be held responsible for their actions because it
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Victor never thinks of the consequences that his creation could have. He uses science to create life and from this, he breaks the boundaries of mortality because he has no respect for human life or nature. The monster that he creates is mistreated and left isolated, which causes the creation to become vengeful and murderous. Victor’s own actions and his decision to take science too far result in his own demise. Once Victor has seen his creation, he finally realizes that what he has done is wrong and drastic. However, his realization is too late because the monster already sought revenge against Victor by going after his loved ones. Victor’s constant pursuing of science is eventually his overall downfall. Shelley uses the message of taking science too far and tampering with nature, to relate the message to society that scientific boundaries should not be crossed because it can have a chain reaction of devastating outcomes.
Currently, science is being used for great accomplishments that have benefited society completely. The world has thrived with Scientific advancements in technology, medicine, and transportation. However, science has had its downfalls because of human actions when science is used immorally, without any consideration for the aftermath. The world has become technologically developed because of science, but also unsafe. The increasing innovations and expansion of science
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