The Importance Of Securing Your Child Safe

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As a parent you strive to keep your child safe and secure, you want to protect them from all of life’s tragedies. Therefore one would think you would do whatever is best for your child. With that being said, you know the importance of securing your young child in a car seat, or installing baby gates in front of stairs and other ways to provide safety for your young child. Or protecting them from a common cold, a high fever, stomach flu, which affects our society and individuals when their immune system is compromised. Do you know that as parents you also choose a more complicated way of protecting your young child? This is through the choice of weather or not to vaccinate a child from life threating illnesses, which may put not only your child at risk but those whom come in contact with your child at risk as well. In a recent study provided by the Center for Disease our society faces a serious problem, this problem is commonly preventable diseases, which were thought previously to be eradicated, are on the rise.
To further understand why someone would chose not to vaccinate or to vaccinate their children you must first understand the disease our society vaccinates against, the reasons why children are not vaccinated and societal effects for non-vaccination.
As adults we may remember going to the physicians and being inoculated against common diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella, polio, and diphtheria. Of these diseases, how many are we able to actually identify through

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