The Importance Of Self And Self Esteem

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Academic success is based heavily on not only the knowledge given to you, but your confidence in your abilities to learn. Academic settings can be very stressful and can cause students, especially those at a young age to begin to develop self-doubt when receiving so much new information. A positive self-belief system can play a major role in the perception of the child. It is very important to establish a sense of self-esteem and self-efficacy at a young age, because it becomes increasingly easier to branch out of one’s comforts zone to acquire the information needed to develop their knowledge and skill-sets.
Self-Esteem is the accumulation of “beliefs about his or her attributes and abilities as a person.” It can be impacted by outside variables and is crucial to the internal development of one’s self. Self-Esteem is especially crucial to children, as well as adolescents who are struggling to discover their place and purpose. The maintenance of keeping a positive self-esteem is a continuous effort as one goes through challenges in life. According to psychotherapist Nathanial Branden, self-esteem is an essential human need that it vital for survival and a normal healthy development. Self-esteem arises automatically from within based upon a person’s belief and consciousness. It is also stated that self-esteem correlates with a person’s thought, behaviors, feelings and actions. In terms of education, maintaining a positive self-esteem is crucial to…
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