The Importance Of Self-Assessment In Mathematics

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The results of this study have important implications for teachers. They suggest the need for mathematics teachers to provide middle school students with relevant self-assessment skills effective for mathematics learning. The results also suggest that both low and average achievers can benefit from the self-assessment instruction and as such both achievers can explore the skills in self-assessment to enhance their mathematics achievement. Teachers of mathematics should therefore be equipped with self-assessment approach in teaching low and average mathematics achieving students. This will help the students who have difficulties in some areas of mathematics to acquire the necessary skills needed for successful learning of mathematics. Although self-assessment increased mathematics achievement of low and average mathematics achievers, self-assessment had no effect on mathematics achievement of high achievers. This result indicates the need for more evidence on the effect of self-assessment on mathematics achievement of high achievers and conditions lead to positive effects. Second, the present research confirms that students’ subsequent learning goals to correct misunderstandings and to extend learning is important to students’ success in math. This suggest that mathematics teachers need to give students frequent opportunities to set personal goals based on their difficulties. However, it is not enough that the teacher asks students to set goals, but there should be a follow
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