The Importance Of Self Esteem

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Amy Sanborn Professor Matthew Mills BU 110 25 October 2016 The Importance of Self-Esteem It is often said that if an individual wishes to succeed in life they must have confidence. That in order to handle difficult situations it is confidence that will see them through. But what if that’s wrong? What if there was a lesser known, subtly more powerful force that would allow an individual to succeed and be resilient to those difficult situations? Often confused with confidence, it is self-esteem that is a powerful mechanism affecting mental well-being, resiliency, and physical health. However, before understanding how self-esteem effects humans it is important to differentiate it from its oft confused cousin: confidence. In order to understand the importance of self-esteem it is necessary to establish a basis. Both definitions that are hereby given were extracted from the Psychology Dictionary in order to maintain consistency. Therefore to begin, self-confidence is the varying levels of trust we place in our skills, reasoning, and capacity. For example: David has high self-confidence in his ability to complete the task at hand though he’s never experienced the task before. The example illustrates that David doesn’t need confidence in himself nor in his self-image, but in tangible assets of skill, capacity, and reasoning. If David fails in being able to complete the task then he knows that his high self-confidence was inaccurate and can adjust his trust regarding that task for

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