The Importance Of Sentence In Maricopa County

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If you are convicted of a felony offense in Maricopa County, you could face a wide range of penalties. The decision regarding the penalties you will face generally falls to the judge who oversaw your case. At The Baker Law Firm, LLC, people frequently ask us about how sentences are determined. In this post, then, we will discuss what factors are considered when deciding the type and severity of penalties you will face.
Under Arizona state law, there are a number of factors, which the court must consider when determining the sentence for felony convictions, such as murder, assault and robbery. These include the following:
• Whether serious physical harm was inflicted or threatened in the commission of the offense
• If property was damaged or taken, and the value of that property
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Even if you have already served your time, the judge may also consider your prior criminal record when determining your sentence.
For more information about the long-term consequences of felony convictions in Arizona, please visit our criminal law overview
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