The Importance Of Seo Rankings For Ecommerce

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The Importance of SEO Rankings for eCommerce The Importance of SEO Rankings for eCommerce SEO efforts become increasingly important in eCommerce for two key reasons: They generate new traffic and organize content in ways that create a compelling user experience that drives conversions. Search engine ranking criteria gradually approach perfection by finding the most relevant websites for search queries, so optimizing for SEO not only drives traffic but also generates other benefits such as higher conversions, more sophisticated targeting and better brand promotion. The Wolfgang Digital 2014 report found that 40 percent of eCommerce interactions originated from organic searches and that 41 percent of conversions resulted from those…show more content…
Going after short and simple keywords can prove to be a futile strategy due to the high competition for those terms that major retailers and wholesalers tend to dominate. Moz can help strategists refine their keywords by showing which keywords a company 's competitors are using and their Domain Authority and Page Authority rankings. It 's easy to see how a company compares with its competitors for certain keywords so that it can optimize for those keywords where the company has the higher ranking. Marketers can determine the Moz score for any website by adding the free Moz toolbar to a Firefox or Chrome browser. The tool also proves useful for determining the DA and PA of potential outbound links for a B2B platform so that marketers don 't inadvertently link to companies with low authority-ranking and page-ranking scores. Focusing on Google 's Ranking Algorithms Google still maintains a commanding lead in the number of searches it handles, and anyone who conducts thousands of searches can explain why in a simple statement: Google 's algorithms are better at decoding semantic meaning. The company continually refines its ranking formulas to deliver better results and interpret what people really mean based on their profiles, search history and other BI like social behavior. All these resources play roles in
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