The Importance Of Setting Priorities, Time Management Skills

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I have learned the importance of setting priorities, time management skills and how to be more productive. One article stated that: "Perhaps the most important key to high productivity relates to the initial method you use to process all the incoming information that crosses your desk (and your mind) on a daily basis" (Cota, 2010). For myself, organization is key to accomplishing tasks assigned in my coursework and in daily life. I have learned how to write professional papers such as: letters, memos, correspondences, blogs and discussion posts. Term papers on the other hand, has given me a huge amount of stress. A term page term paper usually take weeks of research and hours of writing. I find myself reading about the subject and searching for hours to find the right words that I want to quote and subjects that I wish to write about. I can 't complain, because I have learned valuable information.
I have learned about ethics and social responsibility. I have learned how to market products and how to market myself for job interviews. I have learned of my own strengths and weaknesses, which helps or hinders me in my goals. I have acquired knowledge about the stock markets and how they work. I gained vast amounts of information about our government operations. In the financial courses, I learned about bills that have been passed, new laws, regulations and programs such as The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), that were established from the 2008 financial crisis. The size

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