The Importance Of Setting Sales Or Communication Objectives For An Imc Campaign

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Setting Objectives 1.0 Introduction Setting sales or communication objectives for an IMC campaign is beneficial to practitioners for ensuring focus and coordination, guiding decision-making, and evaluation (Belch, Belch, Kerr & Powell, 2014, p.225 - 226). 2.0 IMC Topic/Issue It cannot be denied that the objective of advertising to specific target audience group has significant benefits for increasing market share and sales in organisation’s category (NIVEA MEN). Organisations are shifting to a new approach to communication, which supported the organisations engage in potential market (Madhavaram, S., 2005). 3.0 Analytical Observations 3.1 Adherence to or deviations from IMC principles/concepts Most organisations such as NIVEA is facing to the similar challenge which is high competitive and lack presence in some potential target audience group (both geographically and demographically) (NIVEA MEN, 2012). Targeted marketing enables the brand to get to appropriate prospective customers more efficiently than any other marketing strategy (Griffin, W. G., & Pasadeos, Y. 1998). SMART objectives for the brand relaunch should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time constrained (Barney, J. B., & Griffin, R. W. 1992).This helped them set specific targets for increasing sales, growing market share and improving its brand image in target audience (Madhavaram, S, 2005 ). 3.2 Implications for the brand, industry and/or IMC According to Barney and Griffin (1992),

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