The Importance Of Seven Ways Of Motivate Others Even You Can Do

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I found an article that is called seven ways to motivate others even you can do. It discus the different ways you can use to motivate others. First is to listen, which is the main key in motivating others. People tend to lecture others about life and give them long speeches, without even figuring out what do they want first. Motivation should come from within a person first, if the person has the will to do something then here where he should start. Figure out their goals and dreams to know how to help them. Second is to ask open ended questions such as: “What have you always wanted to do?, Why do you want to do that?, What makes you so excited about it, How long has that been your dream?”Fannon, Kelsie . To try evaluate the situation and determines their goals and dreams. Third is encourage, here were you step in to do the real work. You should inspire them and let them believe in their vision and dream. You should give them the push to go after their dreams and make them come true. You encourage them by emphasizing about their great skills that will help them to accomplish their dreams. For example if someone is good with the pets and have the skills and ability to deal with them. Maybe you should tell them that they are good with animal and they can open a pet store. Fourth, is to ask what first steps that they will take to accomplish their goals. Let them lead the way and tell you what they will do, then you can offer suggestions and…

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