The Importance Of Sexual Identity Development

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The sexual orientation identity development is a theoretical model that conceptualized the resolution of internal conflict related to the formation of individual sexual identity. For sexual minority people, it is commonly known as the coming-out process (Bilodeau & Renn 2005). There have been many different models elaborated to explain such process. All of them share similar stages: awareness, crisis, and acceptance (Loiacano 1989). When individuals become aware of their queer feelings and attraction, they try to block these homosexual feelings by constantly denying and minimizing them. This mechanism of defense leaves negative sequelae in their overall psychosocial well-being (Bilodeau & Renn 2005). Individuals tend to pass by a…show more content…
Nevertheless, this process profoundly differs among Latino and African-American it is based on white middle-class gay participants (Lewis and Marshall 2011; Bridges, Selvidge, & Matthews 2003). The unique stressors that Latinos and African-Americans face on a daily basis have serious implication in their mental health (Loiacano 1989). The queerness experience of Latino and African-American folks are very alike. Both ethnic/racial group members not only share culture with similar features, but they also are exposed to the same systematic oppression experience. Latino and African-American queer people likewise have to deal with racism, xenophobic and homophobic sentiment, on a daily basis. Such oppression comes from their most meaningful source of support, which is their family and social community. Both African-American and Latino culture share a similar concept of meaning and purpose of a family as well as religious belief. These are not very queer friendly and make their community an oppressive environment. It is imperative to examine the interaction between ethnic/racial and sexual identity and how it affects the psychosocial well-being of sexual minorities. Likewise, to explore how group therapy can be used to their advantages. Latino and African-American: Community, Family, and Religion The sense of belonging to a community is highly important for Latino and African-American. Latino cultural attitudes toward homosexual identity are often rejecting and scornful
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