The Importance Of Sexuality In Greek Society

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Part One, Question Two: Societies use gender and sexuality to create order, but what is gender? What is sexuality? "Gender is the self and anatomical identity, the norms and expectations that society expects from you" (9/5), and sexuality is "the identity of individuals based on their sexual behavior, identity on who you are attracted to" (9/5). Grecian culture is practiced very widely; two Greek civilizations were formed, the Spartans and the Athens. Athens was a capitalist society, Essentialists argued homosexuality is the same over time, while Social Constructivist argue homosexuality is never the same (9/26). In Athens Greece, sexuality established hierarchies in the way of allowing two males to have a relationship, but one of the males was in charge. Erastes was the lover, typically married with children, whereas the Eromenos was loved. A relationship between an erastes and an eromenos was known as a pederasty and the man couples would go to a phratrie, this was a house where they could drink and socialize (9/26). This established hierarchies because an erastes was an older man, he had more power and was a man of higher class. It was against law for the older man or man of higher class to caught being penetrated; older men generally had facial hair and men of lower classes did not. An image shown in Kuefler can help expand knowledge about sexual practices such as pederasty; these pictures often depict either couples with large age gaps or couples with barley

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