The Importance Of Skills And Knowledge Of Your Employer

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I do believe that skills in today’s work environment have changed. Getting a job used to be based solely on your Interpersonal skills. Being social and knowing the right people or being in the right place at the right time would give you endless opportunities for employment. While I still believe this is true, employees are looking for more skills. One question during interviews includes your knowledge of the job/position and what the employee can bring to the company. Having basic computer, math, reading and writing skills are also important. With technology improving, these basic skills are necessary. Other skills needed to be successful in jobs include; communication, work ethics, ability to adapt, taking responsibility, being organized, critical thinking and being a good role model. It used to be that the more degrees and certifications you received the better the job. As a civilian I would not agree with this. Interpersonal skills and knowledge of your employer can allow you to be successful. As a civilian Registered Nurse, I was given a position as the Charge nurse of my unit after 3 months. I was selected out of 15 RN’s, some who have been there for years. Why was I chosen? I performed my job well; a team player, with a positive attitude and utilize my resources well. Also, had the ability to plan efficiently with multiple patient assignments. During difficult situations, I displayed critical thinking skills and demonstrated good leadership. I was a part of

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