The Importance Of Sleep-Deprivation And Other Sins Of College Students

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Sleep-Deprivation and other sins of the College Student There is a certain group of Americans who aren’t getting enough sleep. It's making them sick and it's affecting many aspects of their lives. Who are they? It’s the average American college student. According to the University of Michigan, college students are one of the most sleep-deprived populations (Sleep). Most college students don’t get the recommended amount of sleep; mostly because of the numerous priorities such as turning in papers on time or studying for exams. Sleep is often pushed further down their priority list. Just because we are young college students, doesn’t mean we don’t need sleep. When we go to college our stereotypes come with us, including that college students don’t get enough sleep and all we eat is ramen soup. As students transition to college, they are not typically taught about the side effects of being sleep deprived. Not getting enough sleep affects academic performance, social life, and health. Students should learn the importance of getting sleep and staying healthy because college is important. A college graduate with a bachelor’s degree receives opportunities that wouldn’t be there without a college degree. That is why test scores are very important to college students. Earning a high GPA is critical and as freshmen, we try to impress our parents with our high GPAs while hiding our social habits from them. Study habits are varied. Some students break up their studying so they don’t
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