The Importance Of Sleep In The House

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summer, also it used for sleeping outdoor in the hottest months, the outdoor sitting area considered as a room without a roof its walls are 1.8m height, to cast a big shadow in the sitting area (Figs14). In additional; the inner courts (or back courtyard) served as a thermal regulator.
A central staircase is connecting indoor lobby at the ground floor and semi-shaded lobby at first floor, working as ventilation tower, the two level lobbies are always ventilated by a vertical and cross stream of fresh air, which is increasing the natural air circulation between house's levels, and guarantee a refreshing indoor effect (Figs15). Sumer solar study at 5:00 pm (Autodesk Revit) fall solar study at 5:00 pm (Autodesk Revit) winter solar
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On the one hand; it was suitable to the local condition (a dry hot climate), this technique makes relative coolness in summer and relative warmness in winter inside houses, acts as a natural isolator keeping indoor air temperature mild in both hot and cold season, it is also permeable enough allow the walls to breathe, the technique of building with earth, adopts the climate conditions, suits the rates of evaporating and relative humidity, makes comfortable inner space from human. on the other hand, it is helpful to reach appropriate heights over small surface area with appropriate wall thickness comparing with masonry brick; its thickness is  50cm for exterior and center walls in ground floor (double rows), and  25-35 cm for interior and upper storey walls (row or one brick and half) . It is very flexible material; it is used for cornices, ornate decorations, relief, complex elements such arches. Finishing is a plaster (mud & straw) to protect the sun-dried mud brick, and also, it's renewable, its color makes buildings in harmony with the surrounding environment. Roofs are a plane made of palm ribs rope and leaves covered with mud.
5- A New vision of the architectural Ideology in the oasis:
The inherited architecture ideology concern in function more than form, the main concept is about how to make comfortable inner environment for human beings regardless the architectural order, so it is considered with function and stability, but the aesthetics
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