The Importance Of Social Entrepreneurship

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Social Entrepreneurship “Despite the tremendous strides in the quality of life that humankind has made in the past two centuries, many persistent problems remain and new ones have emerged” (Dees 1). To this day we still face poverty, preventable diseases are still killing the poor, the quality of education is not where it should be, human trafficking and slavery is very much alive, violence continues in many countries throughout the world, and even more alarming is the fact that the earth is warming whether we want to believe it or not, regardless of the cause. “We may not all agree on our visions for an ideal world, but we can generally agree that the gap between reality and our notions of the ideal is still enormous” (Dees 1). A potential strategy for improvement is to have our Social Entrepreneurs who care about the well being of the people in this world and its future, to create scalable and sustainable impact where the government and other efforts have been ineffective. Social Entrepreneurs, operating outside of the constraints of government, significantly enhance our ability to find and implement effective solutions to social issues. “The focus on government as the social problem solver lead to some noticeable successes, such as increased access to education and health care for many, consequently the experience also revealed the limits of government as the vehicle for social problem solving” (Dees 2) It is clear that top-down governmental programs have serious
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