The Importance Of Social Groups In Society

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As one observes society, there is a very distinct way of life when it comes to who associates with who and why they do so. In society there are social groups, simply defined by our lecture notes as a group of “two or more people who interact with one another and who share a common identity.” Social groups can be further observed into subdivisions known as reference groups, primary groups, secondary groups, and even more specifically “in-groups” and “out-groups.” Other topics that can be observed about a society is the rate in which people conform to society which was studied by a man named Solomon Asch, and leadership styles that are present, in which there are three different kinds. One last topic, related to leadership, that should be noted about a society is that there are five levels of leadership that every leader needs to know. First off, let’s talk about social groups. Like previously stated, social groups can basically be broken down into sub-groups. There is a group called a reference group and this is the group that one would compare themselves too. Often times, people compare themselves to people in their same group who are most like themselves. For example, a point guard on a high school girls’ basketball team can compare herself to their other point guard and better themselves. On the other hand, people can compare themselves to others because they are envious of their position; perhaps a post player, on the same team, always compares herself to the point
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