The Importance Of Social Justice Is Universal Across Educators

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Introduction The importance of social justice is universal across educators. According to Vigliante (2010, pp.1), promoting values of compassion, respect and dignity for others is highly held by educators as a goal for their view of social justice. According to Hawkins (2014, pp. 726) classrooms and early childhood settings may be shared among indigenous Australian, Anglo-Australian, European Australian, Middle-Eastern Australian and Asian Australian classmates (to name a few) from varying religious, political, cultural and economic backgrounds. To which ‘an optimist may claim that these contexts are a rich source of cultural exchange’. However this ‘melting pot’ often breeds severe discontent (SirajBlatchford 1995). It is therefore evident that sexism is an issue in society today. The story and incident that I have which, relates to and specifically with the sexism aspect of social justice. This event that occurred is an issue of social justice because it occurred in a kindergarten in the home corner, that blended and allowed children to dress up for that area. The focus child is Child L who decided to dress up and was being made fun of by his fellow kinder friend, who was not accustomed to seeing his friend play in that area of the room. Body Psychologists have found that attitudes that are the most difficult to change are ones connected to ones identity. ‘Absolutely central to identity is gender’ (Educating boys - and girls 2010). The kind of social injustice being
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