The Importance Of Social Media In Education

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Tess (2013) begins with the premise that social media use is rampant and apparent at the university. It is increasingly visible in settings of higher education as instructors tend to look into technology to enhance their teachings methods encourage active learning among the students. Other authors may suggest the integration of social media as a tool for education. However, Tess (2013) argues otherwise by stating that social media can negatively affect student participation and interaction in class. In-person or face-to-face interaction is important for a more in-depth conversation. Social media communication is not as influential as face-to-face owing to the absence of non-verbal cues and emotional cues. The study of Tess (2013) found that students who avoided electronic devices were able to recognise human emotions better than those students who spent so many hours using electronics and social media. This finding agrees with the opinion on the importance of face-to-face or in-person communication. There is no way that a student can learn non-verbal and emotional cues from a computer or gadget screen in the same way he can learn it from face-to-face interaction. If the student does not practice face-to-face interaction, he can lose important social skills (Tess, 2013). However, if the student controls his social media use, social media can also have a significant positive effect on him. It could help maintain a healthy social life by assisting in communication and
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