The Importance Of Social Media On The Internet

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As the governing authority of the most well-known communist country, Chinese government has the absolute control over the Internet, social platforms, school textbooks and a range of other mediums. Any remark, report or topic that relates to political sensitive figures such as president, vice president or political criminals are forbidden on the Internet and whatever that may provoke social unrest or disadvantages to the government is strictly monitored and forbidden. Because of political opacity, only a few are bothered about politics, among which most of them are bitterly disappointed at the government. It is clear that owing to the internet censorship, they are too afraid to criticize outspokenly in real life, and as a result, anonymous social media becomes the only effectual channel. Though anonymity to some extent allows these “minority” people to comment on politics or even tell true stories of political scandals in social platforms anonymously without concerns to be tracked down by government officials, it is actually a futile attempt to promote the political discussion environment because of the cautiousness people have about the phrase they use or abusive words and messed-up sentences they throw at the government to unleash their dissatisfaction and rage. Many if not most of these people don’t trust the absolute anonymity: they believe that the government has the access of social media companies’ database. Almost all real-name users and a large part of anonymous

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