The Importance Of Social Media On The Form Of Communication

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Language is a property found solely in humans. It helps humans communicate feelings and ideas to those around them. Through the invention of the internet and the smartphone, a new form of communication has risen. Called microtexts, this form of communication refers to text or IM messages, and posts on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Reddit, or other social media websites. Microtexts are limited either by the website (ex. Twitter) or by those consuming the content on these sites; if posts are too long, they might not get read. In this paper, the phrase “textual paralinguistic features” refers to capitalization, punctuation, repetition of letters, emojis/emoticons, and other features added to text that are not words with the intention of adding meaning. Let emoticons be defined as faces created by symbols found on a keyboard (ex. ;-) ) and let emojis be the small pictures typically found on mobile devices (ex.☺). The influence of social media on informal writing allows for a much more exact sentiment to be conveyed to the audience in comparison to traditional rhetorical and style devices found in formal writing. This is because the smaller chunks of writing emulate spoken language, making microtexts a more natural form of communication. Adding extra features to the text such as punctuation marks and emojis replaces emotion that may be lost in a message that is just text. Likewise, capitalization and manipulation of text can add tone to an otherwise dry message. These
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