The Importance Of Social Work Based Practices For The Military Population

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The military population is a unique population with many unique needs. The military population also requires specialization that many behavioral health professionals do not specialize in. This lack of specialization creates a large need for behavioral health professionals that are educated in military culture. Thus, social work based practices are a large benefit to the military population due to its unique and broad areas of specialization. Social workers not only provide clinical services to clients, but they advocate and provide resources to clients. This provision of services makes social work based practices well suited for the military population and it’s not only unique but large and varying needs. Even though military social work is specialized, there is a large need for more social work based mental and emotional health services for the military population since the population faces unique needs and challenges that social workers can help in meeting. For the purpose of this assessment, the population being assessed is the military population. The military population includes active duty military, guard and reserve, veterans, and their families. The military population presents a wide diversity of the general American population. Racial and ethnic minority groups make up 40% of the active duty military population (Parker, Cilluffo, Stepler, 2017). Furthermore, although the military continues to be male dominated, women have made considerable progress over recent
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