The Importance Of Social Work For Refugees And Asylum Seekers

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Social Workers have a duty, professionally and morally to support refugee children and asylum seekers.
Social workers have a professional and moral duty to ensure that services are provided to those who most need it. The duty that Social workers have toward Refugees and asylum seekers, particularly children is strong but not often met. People’s wellbeing is a key ideal within social work and is strongly represented within the Care Act 2014, the earlier Children’s Act 2004 is also clear on the protection of children’s rights in the UK. In the essay there will be a discussion on how in some areas the statute is not strong enough to allow Social Workers to work properly, but also how there needs to be changes regarding social work focus on refugees.
Recently, United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has campaigns to help reform the UK’s current law on family. The law only recognises parents or spouses and civil partners as family. A child refugee may have an older sibling, or more extended family such as an uncle but they would not be allowed into the country under the Family Reunion rules. The dangers for children trying to reach family in the UK are high and it leaves them at risk of exploitation, 78% of adolescents face some form of exploitation whilst travelling the Central Mediterranean route to Europe, UNICEF (2017). Social Workers have a duty here to protest the UK’s laws, and the decision of the Government not to join the EU’s relocation scheme for Refugees. They did
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