The Importance Of Sociology In Society

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The study of sociology is the study of a society and how people behave in these societies. According to Joel M. Charon in his book Ten Questions, he states that “Sociology is an academic discipline, an attempt to seek knowledge and understanding through painstaking and critical investigation” (Charon 3). In other words, it is an attempt to become knowledgeable about of different societies and people in those societies work together. When studying sociology, a person is trying to understand human society and how humans act and react to certain situations presented to them in their society. It also seeks to understand how much a person will interact with their society. When Charon first discusses society he says, “Society is not simply a bunch of individuals; it constitutes a larger whole, a reality that it is more than the sum of the individuals who make it up” (Charon 5). This means that society does not mean lots of people in the same place, it is people living together as a community, having relationships with each other and having a similar or the same culture. A culture can be defined as a way of life for a group of people within their society. Living in a place where everyone comes from the same culture does not necessarily mean that you automatically have a well working society. While culture is very important to a society, it is important for the people living there to be able to establish relationships with the people living around them. For a society to thrive, the
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