The Importance Of Soft And Soft Skills

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In the contemporary global economy, employers are always looking for people with soft skills besides technical skills and experiences. According to Larry Buhl, a journalist with, “Technical skills may get you an interview, but soft skills will get you the job.” He also emphasized the importance of soft skills today as they will help employees to get the jobs they want, as well as to keep them. In other words, everyone should master soft skills in order to advance in future careers. This paper discusses the importance of soft skills in the accounting profession, and how to master these skills to be successful in maintaining as well as advancing in a future career as a leader.
What are soft skills? According to Davidson (2016), soft skills are personal traits, including communication skills, initiative, and problem solving, as well as teamwork and collaboration. She also states the following in her article:
Companies have automated or outsourced many routine tasks, and the jobs that remain often require workers to take on broader responsibilities that demand critical thinking, empathy or other abilities that computers can’t easily stimulate.
As the labor market tightens, competition has heated up for workers with the right mix of soft skills, which vary by industry and across the pay spectrum – from making small talk with a customer at the checkout counter, to coordinating a project across several departments on a tight deadline. (p.1)
Basically, her article…
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