The Importance Of Soil And Its Effect On Plants

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INTRODUCTION In order for a plant to grow to optimum size and produce optimum crop it is essential for all requirements to be met. These include temperature, light, water, oxygen, mineral nutrients and support. If it is too hot or too cold the plant may develop abnormalities and reduced production. The optimum temperature changes for each variety of plant. In terms of light and oxygen is required in large amounts. Light is required for photosynthesis and oxygen for respiration which is required to carry out all plant functions. Mineral nutrients are what plants absorb through their roots. These minerals are supplied by the soil and are used for many plant functions. Some nutrients are needed in large amounts and other are only needed…show more content…
MATERIALS AND METHODOLOGY - Seedling tray - Tomato seeds - Watering can - 30 tomato plants - 30 small pots - Dirt - Measuring cylinder - Water - Bucket - 5 tidy trays - Masking tape - Permanent marker 1. Fill a seedling tray with soil and plant a few seeds into each square. 2. Leaves to grow for two weeks 3. Label each pot with masking tape and write the test and plant number. For example Test 1, Plant 4. 4. Fill each pot with dirt and plant one tomato plant into each pot. Refer to Appendix 7. 5. Place the six pots form each test and place together in the labelled tidy tray. 6. Take notes on the appearance and record in journal. Measure height, amount of leaves, stem thickness and overall appearance. Repeat this for six to seven weeks. 7. Measure the height in millimetres and measure the plant as it is, even if it is lying over. 8. Water the plants, by filling a bucket with water and measuring out the correct amount of water using a measuring cylinder, giving each test the set amount of water, as follows: Control: 50ml/week (17ml three times a week) Test 1: 100ml/week (33ml three times a week) Test 2: 25ml/week (8ml three times a week) Test 3: 75ml/week (25ml three times a week) Test 4: 10ml/week (3ml three times a week) 9. Each week give the plants their set amount of water, on three different days. 10. On one day of the week record the amount of leaves,
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