The Importance Of Special Education Curriculum And Instruction

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A. Knowledge of Special Education Curriculum and Instruction
In this section I will discuss how the principal’s knowledge of special education curriculum and instruction can influence the instructional leadership of the school. When the principal is knowledgeable in special education curriculum and instruction, he/she can provide more thorough understanding to regular education teachers who are striving to provide adequate accommodations. For example, our principal asked the lead special education teacher to provide five to six common accommodations amongst all IEP students that teachers can utilize to reinforce their instruction and make adequate accommodations for these students. Thus in turn, providing them with the best opportunity to be successful on assessments and class work. The principal may also be able to suggest better methods of working with a student who has an IEP. Finally, a principal who knows what works for a student with an IEP will be able to help all teachers work with the student in a positive manner and ultimately, help the student learn more than if the knowledge wasn’t used. If all teachers will accommodate and use effective instructional strategies similar across the board, then individual needs of students will be met in an effective manner thus increasing the chance for success.
A1. Personal Leadership Style in Special Education Programming
My personal leadership style is that of participative. I believe that it is extremely…
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