The Importance Of Special Educational Needs ( Sen ) Essay

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Some children cannot conform to a conventional educational system. We will have to celebrate their differently abled gift, says Sameer Noorani.

The school bell was ringing and Naushad was not very happy about going home. He received his progress card for the monthly exam. He was very scared of his dad, who would be signing the monthly progress card. Naushad was anxious, confused and didn’t understand what was happening.

This scenario reminds us of an acclaimed Bollywood film, Taare Zameen Par, released in 2007. This film, which celebrates the abilities of children, ‘brought about a change in perspective and an increase in awareness regarding special education in a larger audience. This brief write-up reiterates the messages regarding special educational needs (SEN) by using some basic remedial techniques that will be useful for both teachers and parents. Attentive teachers and parents can transform the life of a student with SEN. The term SEN refers to the needs of children with learning difficulties or disabilities; these children find learning more difficult than most children of the same age. Many children have special needs of some type at some time during their education. This brief write-up will create awareness among parents and teachers regarding SEN.

Young people have a special educational need if they:

• Have a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of young people of the same age.
• Have a disability which prevents or
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