The Importance Of Spending A Day Without Technology

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Let’s give our soul the rest that truly deserves. The purpose of spending a day without technology is to detoxify ourselves from the continuous barrage of information. Just as Mark Bittman mentions in his article, “I felt connected to myself rather than my computer. I had time to think, and distance from normal demands.”(4) We are so accustomed to rely on technology that we seem to forget what would become of us without it. Internet, radio, television, cell phones, video games and other technological amenities are part of our daily life, in a way that sometimes we can not see reality outside a screen. We have shelved conversations face to face, the pleasure of enjoying the birds sing or simply appreciate nature around us. Professor…show more content…
Purifying ourselves with the absence of technology is a great way to care of our soul. Mark Bittman uses a lot of religious/spiritual metaphors because he refers to taking a day off from technology to cleanse the soul, even though he never says the word “soul” the religions focus in connect us to our inner selfs, to make us more transparent, and it was easier to use religious metaphors to describe what the author tries to regain. “I realized that there is more to the secular Sabbath than an impulse, or even a day off from e-mail. And there are reasons that nonsecular Sabbaths — the holy days of Christians, Jews and Muslims — have rules that require discipline.”(3) This is where this successful writer compares religion to his day off , reminding us that if we want to include this “day off” in our life, we need to have regulations that will guide us to our goal. Virtual life can make our daily activities a lot easier, but we are always going to need more living and less virtual. I truly love Nathan Zeldes’ idea about spending a morning a week at work but offline, where his employees reduce their e-mail output. Believe it or not, this experiment is going to help people at Intel, because they can get some time free of a screen and a keypad. “Even many

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