The Importance Of Sports In Sports

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According to there are over 36,000,000 kids aged 5-18 who participate in organized sports in the U.S. and statistically less than 3% of them will end up making a career out of their sport. If the likeliness of a child making a career out of their sport is so low why must we treat young athletes like they win even when they lose? Although some may argue that awarding kids with trophies helps keep them motivated to keep practicing I argue that the participant needs to be able to motivate him or herself rather than having something physical as motivation. Aside from teaching kids to be motivated by trophies, giving them underserved awards undermines the kids’ success and does not help prepare them for real life where the competition is real and awards and earned not received. Having competed in soccer, basketball, football and wrestling growing up I understand the conflicted feeling when everyone on the team whether they played or not got the exact same meaningless trophy as me. After having these trophies for a few years and reading “participation trophy” reiteratively allowed me to realize how much time I wasted in sports I wasn't good at because of these “motivators”. Participation trophies remove the concept of failure, teaches unrealistic life lessons and undermines the receiver’s success allowing them to feel short term happiness until understanding what they received.
The feeling of failure is inevitable, by allowing kids to learn coping skills at a
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