The Importance Of Staff Satisfaction And Patient Safety

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There are two bits of information that would be vital to determine the option that would have the most cost effect, staff satisfaction and patient safety. The first being what the census has been running on the unit as well as the acuity of the patients. But with the information provided, I will go through each of the options to see which is the best option.

First off, we will look at the per diem nurse. This addition of a nurse would cost the hospital $35 per hour. With the extra help on the unit, staff satisfaction would increase. Also, since there are more eyes and hands to help the staff, the patient safety would increase. One study found “that increasing nurse staffing levels is associated with a reduction in adverse events and length of stay” (Martsolf et al., 2014). Granted the hospital would be spending a little more money than they would on a regular staff nurse ($26 per hour) the positives completely out weight the negatives. One con for the per diem nurse would be that it could be a completely new unit that they are unfamiliar with, which could them to feel a little lost a first. Overtime for current staff would cost the hospital the greatest amount of money since it 's $39 per hour. A pro for the staff members, receiving the overtime, would be the extra money but in turn the con for the hospital is the increased amount of money to be paid. Now I am unsure if this is a mandatory overtime or voluntary. If…
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