The Importance Of Staff, Students And Classes

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Staff, Students, and Classes UCLA has a total of 44,947 students, with 30,873 undergraduate students and 14, 074 graduate students. There is an extremely large undergraduate population at UCLA, which I think might be good for me, as there is a better chance to meet people who are similar to me and share common interests, and due to the amount of students, I won’t feel like I am under a microscope since there is only so much attention faculty can give to each student. UCLA has a 4,300 faculty members and for undergraduates specifically, there are 1,937 full time teachers and 611 part time teachers. The average class size is 10-19 students, however there is a large disparity in class size at UCLA, as 23% of classes have 2-9 students and…show more content…
There are five different meal plans for students at UCLA: Cub 11, Blue 14, Gold 19, Bruin Premier 14 and Bruin Premier 19, and there are four different payment options to pay for these meal plans. Cub 11 gives 11 meals a week and intended for students who don’t spend as much time on campus or require less meals, Blue 14 gives 14 meals a week, and Gold 19 gives 19 meals a week. Bruin Premier 14 and 19 are the same as Blue 14 and Gold 19, respectively, but meals that aren’t used up at the end of the week can be used anytime throughout the quarter. Meal plans can be paid monthly, quarterly, financial aid quarterly, or in full. The price for each of the 5 meal plans are included in an overall housing cost for UCLA, so depending on what kind of dormitory a student lives in and what meal plan they choose, prices will vary. This is the cost for the full payment for each meal plan if living in a triple occupancy residence hall:

Bruin 19P
Gold 19
Bruin 14P
Blue 14
Cub 11

The dorm options at UCLA are residence halls, residential plazas, or residential suites, with all of them are being either double or triple occupancy and the buildings themselves are co-ed. All of the dormitories are already furnished and
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