The Importance Of Standardized Testing In Education

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The standardized test has become the staple of the United States K12 education system. Students at all levels are routinely tested, and schools evaluated based on the scores. It’s easy to look at this as a necessary part of the system, a needed way of assessing both school and individual student performance to ensure quality across all schools. These tests are regarded as a tried-and true way of doing this, when in reality they are neither old nor accurate in assessment. I move in this essay that standardized testing in K12 education, from early assessment tests all the way through the ACTs and SATs that students take for college admissions, not only damage K12 education by catering to the test rather than to knowledge proficiency and…show more content…
Now that these systems have been in place for more than 30 years, the results can be analyzed and the original arguments reconsidered. One of the primary arguments for continuous standardized testing is to maintain academic consistency across all K12 schools. This, while good in theory, requires a test that properly assesses all of the necessary knowledge, skillsets, and problem-solving skills developed in the classroom. This has not happened. Instead, schools demonstrate the symptoms of “teaching the test,” putting in exorbitant amounts of classroom time into teaching the specific kinds of assessments found on standardized tests. One case study is that of the 2011 NAPLAN Writing Test for High School students in Australia. The test tasked students with a persuasive writing assignment, and as such, the entire school system frantically took to teaching persuasive writing to all grades, with having to toss aside existing curriculum(Wilson and Hornsby, 41). Wilson and Hornsby also note that the Education Department focused on little other than this particular assessment:
They advertised persuasive writing professional learning workshops, but we could find no evidence that Education Departments or Regions were providing professional development in science, the arts (including drama and music), social education,
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