The Importance Of Starting At A Young Age

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Starting at a young age. Even before I started 1st grade. I was a pretty smart kid. My grandma would show me math problems and I would answer them. She'd make me read for a few minutes a day. Learning came easy to me at a young age. So starting first grade when I was six years old, it was a cake walk. A+’s in every class. I’d always finish my homework in the morning before I went to school. School was so natural to me. Starting second grade, it was just as easy. Again, I was going through school like it was nothing. On and on through fifth grade, school was easy and I didn't need to put any effort into it. I would wake up every morning, do my homework then walk to school. I got comfortable putting no effort into school but…show more content…
He believed calculators were just a short cut and his students didn't actually know what they were doing because the calculator was doing it for them. He would give homework every night and we would have to turn in a paper that had all of our work on it. If that paper wasn't completely filled, he didn't accept it. I remember furious about it. I would complain everyday about showing my work. At that time, I didn't really understand that it was just helping me understand what I was doing. I passed that class understanding most of what we were taught that year. I couldn't believe it. I realized the more work I put in for school. The better I'm going to do in school. So I think I just found the key to school but I didn't quite put all of the pieces together with that skill. Walking into eighth grade year, I knew what I was going to have to do. Put as much work in as possible to become successful. I was fortunate to have Mr.Adams for the second year in a row. This year for algebra (l). All the work I did the year before truly benefited me in the best way possible. Just like my seventh grade year, and even more my eighth grade year. I put a crap ton of work in. In every single class. I started to get my grades back from my elementary days! Then it finally hit me like a 50,000 wrecking ball, I could use this skill that I developed from Mr. Adams in my everyday life! It all came together. I was and still am a huge fan of basketball.
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