The Importance Of Stereotypes In High School

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The past 720 days of high school and 2,340 days of school all together seems like a lot but boy has time flown. And here we are gathered hoping that we didn’t screw up again and can actually graduate. Some of us will graduate today, next week, next month even but i’m proud that I get to graduate with this class, the class of 2017. I have known some of you since maddux, most at nagel but we really came together once highschool started. Tate Sheppard and I became best friends after I punched her in the face for cutting in line in the fifth grade, I don’t regret that decision. Natalie Gould and I became friends in seventh grade from our guitar class and five years down the road she is still my best friend. No matter what scenario I run into, I can always count on this class to be there. Freshman year sucked. Being a freshman will always be the worst and I know next year it's going to be a repeat all over again. Most of the stereotypes of freshman are true, the…show more content…
What a crazy year that was. The friends I used to have, people I used to hang out with, things I used to do is all different now. Sophomore year we all thought we were all that for not being freshman anymore but the upperclassmen just didn’t acknowledge us or hated us more because of the awkward stage we were in. It was still a year of learning about yourself and others around you. My most memorable moment of sophomore year was when my niece Edsel was born.
The hardest, weirdest, most frustrating year of highschool.. Junior year. Figuring out my life, spending hundreds of dollars on classes to do well on the ACT, the homework and tests, fake people and heartbreak. That year was something else and i’m glad it's over. This is the year when people start getting cocky because they are almost seniors, they think they are all that and popularity overpowers their life, they make bad decisions and stick with it. I’ve learned a lot from being a junior and I know this was the dumbest year I
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