The Importance Of Storytelling

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Storytelling unites people in all cultures, from as early as the age of one. STories are said to have many uses; ranging from helping us individuals make sense of the world around us. This is by explaining natural phenomena. They help keep our culture, history and traditions alive by condemning the youths of our generations to be known to our stories for the next generations to be aware. Many studies show that “people believe storytelling is developed as a way of ‘practising’ reality”. Storytelling is an important figure of our society today as it lays out our culture and influences the next generation to expand these stories. Numerous cultures over the world today share these stories and traditions differently. An example of this can be Australian and Torres Strait Islanders express some their stories through artworks, whereas some bush ballads express theres through landscape images and poems. But what needs to be recognised is that, they are all important rather it be your culture or not, all matter!

Oral histories are rendering the cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. This includes stories from the dreamtime ; these as such of our history, culture and future. Stories from the dreamtime are spiritual narratives of Ancestral Beings walking the earth, creating people and landscaping across Australia. They impart systems of law, a set of values and beliefs for each Indigenous language forum. These stories can be conveyed through artworks, dance
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