The Importance Of Student Achievement

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Student achievement is a multi-faceted concept and does not look the same for every student. At the core of student achievement are comprehension and connection. Students must be able to understand and contextualize instructional material to foster comprehension. Equal to comprehension is the ability of students to connect with the material and make relevant associations between concepts and skills for application. The intention of instruction based on prioritizing and unwrapping standards helps educators to define the instructional pathway that best supports the standard and facilitates student learning. Learning pathways align essential objectives, activities and resources to outline progress within a standard. Learning pathways detail the skills students need to acquire for demonstrating comprehension and mastery, which constitute achievement. Additionally, learning pathways present an interpretive value for gauging student understanding and performance. Gutierrez explains that learning pathways “must have strategic opportunities to build in prior knowledge, reflection, and application” (Gutierrez, 2017, para 8). Gutierrez further positions that “learning pathways are intended to be flexible, multidisciplinary, and increasingly personalized” (Gutierrez, 2017, para 8). Without properly considering and using learning pathways, students are not provided opportunities to connect content with comprehension and skill. Effective learning pathways scaffold on what students
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