The Importance Of Student Achievement

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In today’s society, it is important that all students are provided with the opportunity to receive a quality education. The focus on improved student achievement places pressure on educators to research and find ways for students to acquire needed skills to become academically successful in the classroom setting. One of the biggest challenges for educators is to explore ways for the low performing students to meet the established levels of achievement. This process requires a commitment from all the stakeholders in the education process to work together to create a plan of action to help improve the achievement of low performing students.
There are too many students around the world who are trapped in a cycle of low performance
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Academic growth then may become a spring board for a better self-image and serve to empower them to become active participants in our political process. An increase in basic skill development and the motivation to continue to improve their academic success will serve to encourage these low performing students to become active, vibrant and contributing members of our society. This process will require that the school principals form a partnership with their teaching staff. Principals will need to take an active role in helping teachers to organize services to help students increase their academic performance (Jenkins, Ronk, Schrag, Rude, & Stowitschek, 1994). This will require that principals and teachers work together to plan and redesign instructional services (Jenkins, Ronk, Schrag, Rude, & Stowitschek, 1994). These services must be geared to increasing the performance levels of low performing students. This increased focus on low performing students will help to remove the negative connotations associated with an increased number of low performing students that are highly concentrated in certain schools. These schools become known as low performing schools. The labelling of a school as low performing immediately places a spotlight on them. This means that these schools are closely monitored by the district in which they are located in and the
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