The Importance Of Student Achievements For The Arizona Virtual Schools

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Student achievement is the number one priority for the Arizona Virtual Schools. I have learned that one person cannot drive the vision. Instead, it takes all stakeholders to create a unified plan to support all learners. Feedback must be obtained from families regarding the accessibility and understanding of the online curriculum, the teachers must provide input on the alignment and additional needs based on student performance data on interim assessments, and the administration team must look at annual performance on the state assessment and other system-wide needs. Further, data must be used to determine student readiness upon graduation to enter into college and the workforce, and what additional supports and services the school…show more content…
Within an online environment, staff can often feel isolated and in a silo, along with their students behind a screen. However, Kelly has identified ways to bring in the faculty, families, students, and communities into the “school” and has created a tight-knit community. Starting with establishing a healthy staff culture, Kelly and her administrative team has developed a monthly calendar, around the state and has provided open invitations to school staff to meet for coffee. Each administrator will create a public forum for teachers to come, meet and discuss their ideas, concerns or needs and most importantly, just be there to listen. Since establishing these frequent, open forums, teacher satisfaction survey results have shown an 11% increase in year over year satisfaction. She has taught me, by taking time to get to know her team, listen to their ideas and concerns, and be human, it has helped her eliminate some of the disengagement of staff members.
Similarly, Kelly saw this need among her students. Over the past year, Kelly has opened six blended learning sites throughout the state, where students, families and the community can come in, work with teachers, talk to staff and have a real connection with the school (see Appendix I, ribbon cutting for the blended site). In addition, Kelly shown me that additional outreach can be done

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