The Importance Of Success In Math

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Freshmen college students struggle with math because they’re still using their high school studying habits. High school math classes are way easier and high school students barely have to study. “Learning to love math” by Judy Willis explains how a positive attitude in math class helps. According to Willis, “The first step to success in math is a positive attitude.” Math is hard and it takes effort and perseverance. College math is the type of math one would fail much easier. Math is usually the hardest subject for the majority of freshmen college students. “A poll explains how people would choose any other subject over math” (Willis). Some students feel like no matter how much they try math class is an obstacle, which they never overcome. College math is hard and very stressful but it doesn’t have to be because preparation, studying and tutoring can help students achieve academic success.
College freshmen usually struggle with math because they aren’t prepared. A lot of them tend to have their high school habits. A math course is a very important subject for most majors and to pass college it’s one of the required courses to take. “Math Requirement Fulfilment” by Wang and others discusses how math is a very important core subject. According to Wang and others, “of all course subjects at the college level, math is arguably one of the most critical, given its foundational role in shaping future academic success.” This means that math is one of the most important subjects
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